• November 15 to March 15, PhD student Ms. Wang Jing from Renmin University of China in Beijing (working with Professor Xiuxiang Meng) is visiting our lab. She will be working ecological projects using their musk deer data. You are welcome Wang Jing – hope your stay will be productive48b12a82-bc2f-4849-82d5-41ea6394ed4e


  • 2016: « LA NATURE SELON BOUCAR » on RADIO CANADA (9 July 2016). Topic : « les éléphants et la conscience de la mort ».
  • January 12, 2016: Robert is on TV – TV science program Code Chastenay by Télé Québec


  • November 2015: Robert is on TV in Cameroon for the agreement between FEDEC and Zoo de Granby



  • August 2014 – Emily and sacha featured in a video on our new collaboration with the Granby Zoo (see below)


2014: “Elephant raids” The Concordia News2014: Featured youtube video – August 2014 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BxyHi107N8)

  • Interview on Radio Canada International, Dec 20, 2012 (see below)


  • Article on Concordia “Now“, Dec 17, 2012 (see below)


2012: “All of the mother reindeer” – Macleans’s On Campus, Dec 18, 2012

2012: Article about “All of the mother reindeer” – Concordia University “Now”

2007: “Reindeer adaptability” – Concordia Journal








20230929_134527  20230929_130622

September 2023: Léa, Robert, Marie Sophie and France (left to right, first picture), Louis is not on the photo


LabMeeting_Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 9.45.56 AM_1

January 2022: Robert, Emily, Isaac and France (top row, left to right), Alexander, Shao & Laura (second row, left to right)


LabMeeting_May2021_Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 10.45.42 AM_2

   May 2021: Robert, Emily, Isaac (top row, left to right), Louis, Laura & Sophie (second row, left to right)



   February 2021: Robert, Emily, Laura (top row, left to right), Isaac & Louis (second row, left to right)



June 2020 : Robert, Jette, Emily (top row left to right), Louis, Isaac & Laura (second row, left to right)



   May 2020: Robert, Jette, Emily (Top row, left to right), Louis, Laura, Isaac (second row, left to right),  & Keenin (last row)


     Lab3_2019_20190425_131103   Lab2_2019_20190425_131103

April 2019: Isaac, Keenin, Jette, Robert, Amélie, Louis & Catherine (Left to right on the first picture) 


2018: Jeff, Caitlin, Julie, Amélie and Robert (no group picture)



Spring 2017: Jeff, Caitlin, Julie, Amélie and Robert (left to right)


Summer 2016: Franco, Julie, Robert, Amélie and Caitlin (left to right)



June 1st, 2015: Back (left to right): Franco, Robert, Emily, Sacha and Justin

– Front (left to right): Caitlin and Julie



2014: Franco, Justin, Robert, Sacha, and Emily


2013: Sacha, Robert, Guillaume, Palig, Anna (No group picture)


July 10, 2012: Sacha, Natalka, Alexandre, Robert, Guillaume, Issac (left to right on the picture in the center)



June 10, 2011: Guillaume, Natalka, Alys, Issac, Robert, Sacha, Tamara (left to right on the left picture)



April 13, 2010: Back (left to right): Sacha, Erica, Robert, Karine – Front: Alys, Sara, C-Jae