1 MSc research position in Ecology is available in my lab starting September 2021.

This work is part of a large ongoing research program on “The ecology of reproduction of reindeer/caribou (Rangifer tarandus)” taking place in northern Finland. The student will have the opportunity to use long term data collected since 1996 including GPS data from more recent years. This project involves fieldwork in northern Finland and the candidate should be ready to work in remote areas and to work in team. The project involves collaborators from Norway and Finland.

Suitable candidates will have a BSc in biology or similarly recognized degree. The ideal candidate will have experience in field research settings, be determined to complete a graduate degree, have a good academic background (good GPA), and strong quantitative skills.

Financial support is available for two years, but if eligible, students will be encouraged to apply for external grant (FQRNT and NSERC).

If interested, send me by email ( before February 28, 2021, a copy of your CV, transcript and a short statement of purpose, as well as the name and email addresses of 2 references.



Ambassador Animals Welfare: Impact of Education Programs on Behavioural and Physiological Wellbeing

1 MSc research position in Biology is available in my lab starting Fall 2021.

Many educational programs in zoos rely on the use of «ambassador animals». These individuals are transported, manipulated and exposed to different stressors compared to other animals kept in captivity. Ambassador animals represent a diverse array of species including reptiles, birds and mammals.

Although commonplace in modern zoos, ambassador animal programs have rarely been the subject of research projects. This project thus has the potential to improve the welfare of animals involved in education programs in zoos and other settings. This project aims at i) finding sources of stressors, ii) establish baseline and thresholds indicators of wellbeing, iii) study intra and inter-specific variations, and iv) propose improvements to current management practices.



  • B.Sc. in Biology;
  • Determined and motivated to complete a M.Sc. and to publish your work;
  • Good academic background (GPA);
  • Interest in ethology and endocrinology;
  • Strong quantitative skills;
  • Keen sense of observation, patience and adaptability;
  • Will to work in a zoo, in accordance with the institution’s mission and values.

If interested, send me by email ( before March 5, 2021: a copy of your CV, transcript and a short statement of purpose, as well as the name and email addresses of two references.


  • Dr. Robert B. Weladji
    Department of Biology
    Concordia University
    See here for more information about research in my lab:

    Patrick Paré
    Conservation and Research Department
    Zoo de Granby



  • There are opportunities for graduate positions in my lab, but funds are limited for the moment. If you are nevertheless interested feel free to contact me or send me a copy of your CV together with a statement of purpose if:
    • You have an excellent project idea fitting into the scope of my research interest;
    • You have funding and want to discuss project opportunities
    • You have excellent grades and will like to apply for a scholarship (NSERC, FQRNT, etc) with me as supervisor or co-supervisory
      • Identify clearly what you will like to work on, and where
      • Make sure you are eligible to major scholarships such as NSERC and FQRNT – they are highly competitive, so your GPA should be high!
  • Note that excellent students are eligible for several Concordia Fellowships, including the Faculty and Art and Sciences Fellowships and the Entrance Award. They are competitive but we may always try.
  • Contact me for details / Me contacter pour plus de détails:
Robert B. Weladji
Departement of Biology