• January 12: Robert is on TV – TV science program Code Chastenay by Télé Québec


  • November 2015: Robert is on TV in Cameroon for the agreement between FEDEC and Zoo de Granby



  • August 2014 – Emily and sacha featured in a video on our new collaboration with the Granby Zoo (see below)



  • Interview on Radio Canada International, Dec 20, 2012 (see below)


  • Article on Concordia “Now“, Dec 17, 2012 (see below)




Spring 2017: Jeff, Caitlin, Julie, Amélie and Robert (left to right)


Summer 2016: Franco, Julie, Robert, Amélie and Caitlin (left to right)



June 1st, 2015: Back (left to right): Franco, Robert, Emily, Sacha and Justin

– Front (left to right): Caitlin and Julie



2014: Franco, Justin, Robert, Sacha, and Emily


2013: Sacha, Robert, Guillaume, Palig, Anna (No group picture)


July 10, 2012: Sacha, Natalka, Alexandre, Robert, Guillaume, Issac (left to right on the picture in the center)



June 10, 2011: Guillaume, Natalka, Alys, Issac, Robert, Sacha, Tamara (left to right on the left picture)



April 13, 2010: Back (left to right): Sacha, Erica, Robert, Karine – Front: Alys, Sara, C-Jae